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Windows Narrator Starts Mysteriously And Won't Stop

An Unhelpful Voice

While I am sure Narrator is useful for many individuals, it is more than just an annoyance for those of us for whom it started up mysteriously and just won't quit.

OK well it's not exactly mysteriously starting up but some accidental key combination starts up Windows Narrator and you just cannot get it to stop. This frustrating situation happens to me from time to time but it does not happen frequently enough that I can remember what to do. So I am writing this post as a reminder to myself, and hopefully to assist others who get stuck in this situation.

Just Make It Stop!

First, if you are on an older version of Windows, you can go to 'Control Panel / Ease of Access Center / Use the computer without a display' and uncheck the Turn on Narrator check box. Unfortunately on my Windows 10 computer the control panel does not stop the chatter. 

Instead, I have to go to the Windows Settings app by clicking on the start button and then clicking the gear icon in the lower left side. From the main Windows Settings screen, select Ease of Access, then choose Narrator from the left menu. Here you should be able to slide the use Narrator button to off. 

How Did It Start and How Can I Keep It From Starting Again?

Windows Narrator Options

If you look a bit more closely, Windows actually tells you what key combinations turn Narrator on and off. And now they give you a check box to disable the shortcut key to start it.

So the next time this happens to you, turn your volume down, take a deep breath and check your settings.

Whew. All quiet now.

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