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VCourt Customers Reporting Superior Audio

VCourt's Superior Audio


As more Courts implement Streamwite VCourt for virtual appearances, ATI is receiving valuable feedback from customers.  One of the primary benefits Courts have come to expect with VCourt is an attractive return on investment, which averages 9 months.  However, many Courts are experiencing other benefits they had not anticipated, and one of them is improved audio quality.  In fact, 75% of Courts that have implemented Vcourt are reporting improved audio quality of telephonic appearance calls as compared to their previous provider, and nearly all instances, this has been without the addition of expensive or new audio visual equipment.

Judges, court reporters, clerks, and assistants are in the courtroom environment all day actively listening to the courtroom proceedings and communication.  Less-than-optimal audio quality can cause people to strain to hear or understand what is being said, which in turn can cause fatigue and a loss of concentration, and ultimately, could affect the outcome of hearings.

With over 30 years of experience in voice communications and networks, ATI can provide the consultative services to optimize audio quality which will make for a great experience for all involved.

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