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The Bots Are Coming....


Bots, like chat bots or telephone bots, give you the ability to implement user friendly services that allow your public to easily access things they need, like account balances, due dates, payment portals, status checks and more. Bots tend to be friendlier than old school interfaces by allowing users to input requests the way they like to say them. Natural language technologies, hosted in the cloud, then can interpret the request giving the bot the ability to guide your customers to the information they seek.

We have recently launched our first bot which we are calling Portals Court Assistant. Users can check jury status, lookup case information, access payment portals and obtain locations and hours.

Additional bots are on the way. We envision these bots serving varied interests including government agencies, healthcare and enterprises of all kinds.

Great efficiencies are achieved as back end and front end scripting are all done only one time. Connectors to different services, such as SMS text, telephone speech recognition, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp Messenger and others are brought online to the chat bot program without any additional software development needed.

While bots can significantly improve access to information and key functions, bots can also hand off customers to agents when the need arises. Help is never very far away.

Let us make life for your public users better than ever! Contact us for a demonstration today. 

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