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From Mythology, to Harry Potter’s ‘Animagi’ and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s, Odo, beings that can change form at will have been fascinating to humans. The idea of being able to alter one’s form is mystical and seductive – not to mention the utter utility of such a power.

 That utility is not lost in good software. Flexibility and modularity can make a good application framework nimble and versatile – like the software that is the basis of StreamWrite PORTALS.

 When the architects at StreamWrite set out to develop a new interactive self-service platform, modularity and flexibility were at the top of the list of design considerations. We didn’t want a product that was limited by scope, use cases or environments.  The system was designed from the ground-up to be agnostic to cloud vs. prem, IP vs. traditional telephony, and using multiple OSes as they fit component requirements. The system was designed so that new ‘Portals’ can be added to PORTALS easily – even portals that were never imagined in the beginning.

 Originally envisioned as a self-help portal for IVR, IWR and SMS interactions, portals grew to meet new and exciting challenges. When a customer needed a front end routing system to deliver customer calls to a multitude of different entities using different PBX systems and call centers, PORTALS Call Routing Engine was developed to make CTI calls directly into AVAYA, Cisco, NEC, Nortel and other systems, and making routing decisions based on available agents. When courts showed interest in a system that could allow case parties and attorneys to attend hearing over the phone and via Video, PORTALS again was raised to the challenge, and the VCourt conferencing platform was born. When medical customers were interested in allowing patients to pay their bill over the phone without any onsite hardware being installed, PORTALS was again leveraged to live in Amazon AWS and consume a simple flat file from the customer in a batch routine, removing the need for them to allow deep integration into their back office systems and avoid costly and disruptive PCI certification by utilizing our compliant environment.

 PORTALS continues to shape-shift, soon adding advanced video communications and file sharing controls. So keep an eye on us – as we change!

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