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Portals Voice Prompts - 3 Options to Meet Every Need

When it comes to voice prompts, Portals customers have a variety of requirements from prioritizing the highest quality audio to needing to be able to make all recordings in-house for budgetary or business needs, or needing to be able to changes prompts quickly but not wanting to use in-house voice talent. Whatever the customer requirements, Portals really steps up to the plate with 3 different options for making and managing voice prompts.

The first option for managing Portals voice prompts, Streamwrite voice studio utilizes professional DJ talent to record Portals voice prompts through a couple of voice studios with which we maintain a working relationship. The talent is available in many languages including English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Farsi, Russian and others. The quality of the voice prompts produced by our studios is second to none and gives your public telephone interface the most professional quality available for your Portals IVR applications. We also offer studio translation services, if needed.

Streamwrite Portals MicrophoneThe second option is to make use of the Portals Vox Recorder, which can be enabled during your setup process if you are interested in making your own voice recordings with in-house talent. Portals Vox Recorder when enabled, adds an additional tab to the Portals AppManager. Portals permissions allow you to grant this as an additional permission to one or more of your AppManager users. Or, you can give it as the only permission for individuals who will be doing nothing more than making recordings. 

Portals Vox Recorder is a great option for organizations that need or want to manage voice prompts themselves with talent they have within the establishment. Updated recordings can be implemented at almost anytime provided the talent is available and customers can save the expense of going out to the studio.

And last, Portals supports prompt creation by way of text to speech generation. While this option is not handled entirely by the customer, it is a very efficient way to generate quality voice prompts without going to studio or using in-house talent. 

Text to speech voice quality has improved dramatically in recent years and costs are very reasonable.

In summary, whatever your needs, Portals has the prompt management capability to provide the professional quality solution you need that will fit into your business requirements and budget.

Do contact your account executive or reach out to me if you have questions about these options.

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