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Portals VCourt - New Enhancements

At Streamwrite, the staff has been hard at work updating and releasing a new version of VCourt, our telephonic appearance solution, bringing several new enhancements to the product. While most VCourt customers already have this latest release, I felt it important to communicate the new features.

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VCourt Data Import Process Revamped

One of the biggest enhancements is the reworking of the data import for VCourt. We are moving to a more flexible import that will allow for variable length fields instead of fixed width. Data extending beyond published limits will be automatically truncated by the data import process. 

New fields are being included for future features where additional customization may be allowed. And, fields not in use by a customer can be left out without breaking the import.

And finally, improved error handling and logging will allow the import to complete even if some records fail. Errors of any kind including failed records or truncated data will be logged to a report where they can be reviewed and action can be taken if necessary.

New Utilities and Relocation of Menu Items

In Portals AppManager, there is now a VCourt Utils tab. The VCourt Event Fees utility has been moved to this tab along with 3 new utilities:

VCourt Resend Confirmation Email utility (inside the VCourt Messaging link) allows court staff to resend a confirmation to a user who might have lost their log in information. It also allows staff to send the confirmation to a different email address if needed.

The court can test the different template messages with View Sample Message utility also inside the VCourt Messaging link. 

Conference Manager Lookup is a tool that will produce a report of all attendees for a conference but rather than grabbing the list from the VCourt scheduled events data, it pulls the list from the conference manager device or service. This can come in handy for troubleshooting or validating attendees scheduled to appear.

The Reschedule Attendees utility gives the court staff the ability to move attendees to a different conference room or conference session, for example a morning attendee can be moved to the afternoon session or a session on the next working day.

The Communications tab has been removed. Template messaging items in the background have replaced it making easier to manage changes to email communications. The View Sample Messages utility mentioned above makes it easy to test the output that the conference attendees will experience.

Reporting Enhancements

Some of the reports have been enhanced to help with scheduling or troubleshooting activities.

The VCourt Conference Attendees Report now provides the attendees' confirmation number and phone number (in addition to the email address already provided) to simplify rescheduling activities and such. 

The VCourt Import Runs Report now gives considerably more detail on the import process and errors that may have occurred during a run.

Event Selection and Confirmation

The process of selecting an event and then confirming and paying has been streamlined. Users can now choose from a list of events rather than clicking through individual event items. 

Event selection for cancellation has similarly been streamlined. Events that cannot be canceled, either because they already have been, or are past a cancellation deadline will still show up but will not be available for selection and will have an explanation as to why they cannot be canceled.

Full CMS Integration and Beyond

And as has always been the case, VCourt can fully integrate with the Court's case management system, allowing for simplified and streamlined operations at the Court.

As a Portals application, Portals enhancements, such as the recently released ability to export report data to Excel, will apply to VCourt. 

We are very excited at the success our customers are having with VCourt and will continue to make improvements as we find new ways to streamline and enhance the remote appearance experience for courts and the public.

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