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Portals Pop - IVR Screen Pop Simplified

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Screen pop is a popular feature for call center agents. When receiving calls from inbound callers, screen pop automatically pops up caller information on the agent screen or can redirect a particular application to a customer record, giving the agent the advantage of knowing who the caller is when answering the phone.

In order to deliver this service, screen pop software needs to integrate with the IVR system and the telephone system so it knows when to pop and what to pop by tying the call back to the original IVR record, ensuring the correct information is being provided to the agent.  Furthermore, screen pop needs to integrate with the software application where the information is to be displayed. 

Some applications have third party programming interfaces to allow for a screen pop while some web apps have web hooks to pop up customer data. And some, unfortunately, don't offer any mechanism for a desktop pop.

Sometimes integration with telephone systems and / or third party software applications can be costly, so much so that an organization may forego implementing screen pop functionality altogether. 

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At StreamWrite we have been implementing IVR systems with screen pop for decades. We built Portals Pop as our screen pop service with the flexibility to allow for a wide variety of customer needs, including integration options for:

  • Telephone System:
    • Full integration, or
    • A limited integration where costs or technology are prohibitive
  • Software:
    • Third party software integration by way of a programming interface, or
    • A web hook into a web app, or
    • A browser display option that we have created to get the information in front of the agent where other options either do not exist or are cost prohibitive


No matter your contact center environment, Portals Pop gives you the flexibility you need to implement a call center agent screen pop that will give your agents the advantage of knowing their caller when they are presented with a call.


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