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Portals Hosted Software Now PCI DSS Compliant in New Data Center

Over the past year StreamWrite has been configuring a new hosting center for Portals hosted customers using Amazon's AWS services.

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AWS is Amazon's secure cloud services platform. And, while this platform is PCI DSS Certified (see AWS PCI DSS Compliance), the Portals software had yet to achieve that certification, that is until early 2018. 

As of February of this year, Portals hosted in our new AWS data center is also now PCI DSS certified.

More on PCI DSS here.

We are excited to have achieved this goal as customers continue to roll out secure applications using our Portals Cloud offering.

If you are looking for PCI compliance as a Portals premise customer, the certification process must be completed by you, the merchant. Portals does meet all of the requirements necessary if you are using a Portals application to take payments in your data center.

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