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Portals Dynamic Help System

One of the items that we struggled with for years was getting the right information properly documented into the hands of the Portals administrative users who need it. This is because we have a variety of applications that run on Portals, all with different administrative requirements. When you look at some specific application needs you can see where these differences come in:

  • Payment IVR
    • Payment reports
    • Control of processing fees, if applicable
    • Payment review items
  • Jury Interfaces
    • Jury IVR / IWR / SMS reports
    • Hours of operation for multiple sites and phone vs walk in hours
    • Notification controls
  • Screen Pop Applications
    • Access to and use of Portals Pop
  • VCourt Remote Appearances
    • VCourt reports
    • Event fee management
    • Rescheduling attendees

This list goes on and on. What I am getting at is that with every different Portals application there can be extensively differing instructions on how to manage and use the application. For this reason we created a dynamic help system for Portals App Manager Users.

This system creates, on the fly, when the user clicks download help in Portals App Manager, a PDF help file that is specific not only to the application being managed but also to that user's specific permissions.

If for example, you have a user that can only pull reports and make recordings, Portals Dynamic Help System will produce a help file with only those specific instructions as opposed to a full system admin who will receive a help file with all functions.

The PDF file produced is automatically displayed on modern browsers but can be downloaded for future reference.

The Portals Dynamic Help System streamlines access to the information Portals administrative users need.

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