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New Functionality Added to Portals AppManager: Export Report Data to Excel and Password Reset

New Portals AppManager Release

The AppManager utility used to manage Portals systems and applications has just been updated to version 4.3.c. Two new functional enhancements are included with this release. 

Export Reports to Excel

The highly anticipated feature of exporting report data to Excel has arrived to Portals AppManager! A download button has been added to the right of the print button for all reports.

Streamwrite Portals Report Options

Note: If a report has no records, the download button will not appear.

Reports are exported into Microsoft Excel xlsx format and will automatically download in your browser.

Password Reset

A "Forgot your password?" link has been added to the bottom of the log in screen in Portals AppManager enabling users to request a password reset.

Streamwrite Portals Login

Upon clicking the link, an email will be sent to the user with a password reset link that will be valid for 60 minutes.

Verify Portals AppManager version

To verify what release of AppManager you are running, at the logon screen (or any AppManager screen) you should see your release number in the lower left corner. You will need to be running version 4.3.c to get these new features. 

If you are not currently running this version, we are making the rounds and upgrading customers now. Please contact our support desk if you have questions about this update.


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