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How to Contact the ATI / Streamwrite Software Development Team

Meet the Developers

Arthi, Reza, Stephanie, Joseph and Mark make up the software development team. Between us we have decades of experience in software development, particularly in the areas of web development (full stack), database development, self service (IVR, IWR, interactive texting), speech applications, security, PCI compliance and much more.


We also have experience in document programming using PDFs and Microsoft's XML OpenDocument Format.

And while you're at it...

Meet the rest of the technical team at ATI: Tony, Craig, James and Aaron round out our networking, provisioning, installation and support services. This team brings a high-level of knowledge across a broad array of services and technologies and will be there to support your system in the areas defined in this paragraph.

And our project management and business analyst team: Minh, Meredith, Robin and Dave. This talented group will keep your project on track and information flowing to all of the appropriate parties. If you have a project  in process you should have a project manager assigned. Although in some instances where a project is small it may be managed by our support desk.

While software developers are great at writing code, they do not have the day to day skills to deal with other things like server provisioning and technical problems, routing issues, security, encryption and other non-software development tasks.

But you just want to meet with one of us....

The problem with software developers is that they need to spend a majority of their time, head down, writing software. The more uninterrupted time writing code, the better for everybody! This is why software developers may not be responsive to emails, meeting requests and answering the phone.

The best way to reach anybody for a support issue or technical request is to follow the proper communication channel for the request at hand. Follow this list to find the right person for your needs:

  • New system requests or requests to make significant changes to an existing system:
    • In this event, please contact your ATI account executive / sales representative. This person will definitely get you moving in the right direction on a new request.
  • Current project in process:
    • If you have a project in process now  you should have a project manager assigned to it. Please do send all new requests on your project directly to your project manager who will get the request to the right person quickly.
  • Service related request:
    • Always reach out to our tech support department with any service requests. Please note, if you have an urgent issue please call it in. Sending the request by email directly to technical staff who are not watching for new requests could create a significant delay in getting your problem addressed.
  • When in doubt:
    • If you are just not sure who to contract, please do reach out to tech support. They will be available to address your concern, and if necessary, hand you off to the right person.

In summary, by following the correct channels it should not be hard getting the support you need. But, if you do have concerns feel free to escalate to ATI management or your ATI account executive.

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