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How AI is Applied to Make Teams Meetings Headache-Free

"You didn't hear that?  You're kidding me!"  A colleague exclaimed incredulously during a one-on-one meeting just yesterday.  His work-from-home address overlooks a busy intersection in a bustling community.  In years past, it was not uncommon to hear sirens, horns, or other outside noise, along with colorful commentary of what my colleague just witnessed (I keep telling him he could make a fortune with a camera and a tik tok account).  While sometimes providing levity during informal meetings, these occurrences would send him scrambling to hit the mute button, or apologizing for the disruption during customer or partner meetings. 

Fortunately, these disruptions are minimized, thanks to Microsoft's use of AI and machine learning to improve the audio and video quality of Teams meetings - and I still get to get the occassional funny story.


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