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Cloud or Prem? Both Please.

It’s inevitable. Any back office application or solution provider will most likely ask the question: “Cloud or Prem”. Our answer: Both.

The days of sprawling corporate premise based data centers are solidly behind us. Those looming racks of servers that themselves replaced monolithic mainframe iron have been displaced by cubicles, conference rooms and cafeterias. So who wants prem, you may ask? The answer is everyone, to some degree.

Customers are moving mission critical apps and processes to AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure at an amazing pace. A recent Forbes article noted that 83% of Enterprise applications will be cloud based by 2020. So, the question is, what is that remaining 17% consist of, and what portions of the business still need to be prem based? More often than not the answer is data. Some databases are so critical that the need to be always available locally, and may contain information that is so vital (or private), that it can’t be trusted off site. In these cases, ATI designs prem based customer service automation systems that can be contained within the customer’s virtualized on site plant. Now, that said, these same customers often don’t want the responsibility of receiving PCI (credit card) information directly from customers. Receiving and storing such data requires stringent and invasive PCI certifications of the entire prem network – not something most organization want to initiate or maintain.

 ATI can design a solution that addresses both of these issues. The PORTALS modular design allows elements of the system to be deployed on site (to interface databases and communication systems) and other elements in the cloud (to relieve the customer of PCI concerns, leveraging our PCI-DSS compliant cloud solution that never stores PCI data).


When ATI’s clients are torn between decisions of Cloud vs. Prem, we say BOTH!

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