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Business Reply Mail - By SMS Text!

Junk mail. We all get it, we all chuck it. But every now and there, there's something we reply to. C'mon, admit it. You've returned one of the envelopes, tear-off cards or or stuffers at some time. As a marketer, these little scraps of paper can be gold - a way to get contact info back from a perspective customer. Magazine tear-outs, utility bills and weekly circulars all have alive-and-well business reply models working every day. Why is something so decidedly low tech still viable? Familiarity, I think. We know this to be an effective, if not slow, means of expressing interest in an offering. What modern medium might a marketer combine with this approach?

How about SMS Text?

The more common means of interaction between individuals and increasingly with companies is SMS Text. People are comfortable with it, and it's just as familiar as the little scraps of paper. Add a line in an existing campaign that says something like 'return the card below, or text OFFER12 to 55453'. Now you have instant access to a new customer. You can start an interaction that asks the customer's name, when best to contact them, offer web links to products and purchase portals. It's that little card on steroids!

Streamwrite has a comprehensive suite of customer interaction and notification systems that leverage SMS Text, email, conferencing, call routing and outbound calling. 

Check us out, and we promise not to send you any sea monkeys!

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