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SMS 10DLC update

Back in March, I posted an article about 10DLC, the new registration mandate for SMS messaging. (see: 10 DLC and short codes: controlling the megaphone).

 In that post, I explored the different options that a business has to reach customers and prospective customers via text, or “SMS” in an A2P (application to phone) manner. Short codes, long codes and TFN (Toll Free Number) services were discussed in the post and the differences were highlighted. The overall theme was that the mobile phone carriers want to know more about WHO is sending WHAT kind bulk messaging to their subscribers. It’s a good thing; I mean, who really wants texts about their auto warranty expiration every day?

 In response to SMS abuse, 10DLC was created as an alternative to the largely unsupervised ‘Long Codes’ (a Long Code is just a standard local text telephone number … like 212.234.1233). Prior to 10DLC, you could obtain these Long Code numbers cheaply, obtain many of them, and blast away. 10DLC changes all of this. And if you’re in possession of some Long Codes, now’s the time to get them registered for 10DLC.

 Although deadlines to register long codes for 10DLC have pushed several times during the pandemic, a hard date of September 30, 2021 has been established for all long codes to be transferred. The good news, is that registering a long code can decrease carrier filtering by up to 90% (providing you remain in good standing, and you’re sending compliant messages that customers want). Missing the deadline could mean heavy filtering by carriers, increased per-message fees and message delivery failures.


To register for 10DLC, you need to initiate the registration by providing the following information to your SMS provider:

  • Employer identification number (EIN)
  • Two contacts
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number


In addition to the above information, there may be questions as to the ‘use case’ for a given 10DLC number (what kind of traffic, about what, to who, etc).  Once you’re registered, you can begin to enjoy largely un-filtered, prompt SMS message sends (providing you don’t try to extend everyone’s auto warranty).


For more information on 10DLC and the SMS A2P landscape, check out this link from Twilio about 10DLC, or feel free to contact us at