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ATI Added to State of California eProcurement Site

ATI (American Telesource, Inc.) has been added as a Mitel Networks, Inc. authorized reseller to the State of California eProcurement website, for NASPO ValuePoint Data Communications Products and Services. 

You can find ATI on the Cal eProcure Webpage: 7-14-70-09.  The contract ID is 7-14-70-09.01

What this means for existing and prospective government customers is:

1) A state contract vehicle to streamline procurement for an upgrade to an existing system, or purchase of new equipment.

2) Attractive discounts.

If you are due for a communications technology refresh, contact us to see how we can help.

TLS 1.3 Approved for Use with Enhanced Security / Performance

Approved by the IETF

In March of 2018, the steering group of the IETF approved RFC 8446 defining version 1.3 of the Transport Layer Security Protocol.

TLS 1.0 and 1.1 continue to be susceptible to cyber attacks. These are considered obsolete and no longer safe when compared to the newer versions 1.2 and 1.3.

Hardened Security & Improved Performance

A main improvement of TLS 1.3 is hardened security. A number of features that were supported in previous versions were removed because of security weaknesses or vulnerabilities. In addition, several new features have been added to the protocol with no known vulnerabilities, such as Curve 25519 supporting 128 bit encryption and Curve 448 supporting 224 bit security.

In addition to the security improvements in TLS 1.3, performance has been augmented as well. The number of steps required in the handshake to setup a 1.3 connection is significantly reduced from TLS 1.2 (and prior), improving connection and page load times. 

Portals and Beyond

Recent changes were made to Portals to support updates to web services requiring the use of TLS 1.2. While these changes are effective in supporting 1.2, they also support the newest version 1.3.  If you have an older version of Portals an update may be required to access the newest release. When customers migrate to a new service requiring TLS 1.2 or 1.3 we update the Portals service, if necessary to support the new protocol. 

Let us know if you have questions about TLS security in your Portals environment.