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eCourts Conference December 5-7 in Las Vegas and Live Stream

streamWrite Connect is pleased to once again be an exhibitor at the National Center for State Courts eCourt conference taking place December 5-7 at the MGM Gran Hotel in Las Vegas.  We look forward to re-connecting with friends, customers and colleagues.  We invite you to visit our exhibit at booth #226, where we will be showcasing our latest justice innovations, and you can enter for a prize drawing.  

Every other year, the NCSC sponsors an eCourts conference, which is designed to improve court efficiencies and effectiveness by educating court professionals about the latest breakthroughs and best practices in court technology

 If you are not able to attend in person (on site registration is sold out) you can attend via live stream from the comfort of your home of office.  Visit for more details.

Visit streamWrite at the NACM Annual Conference in Milwaukee, WI July

streamWrite is once again attending the NACM Annual Conference, taking place in Milwaukee, WI from July 10-14.  We look forward to re-connecting with friends, customers and colleagues.  We invite you to visit our exhibit at booth #407.  

The theme of this year's conference is Courts Leading the Way in Advancing Justice: a Call to Action, which calls upon Courts and court leaders to take charge of leading the way to advancing justice and transforming their future.     

For more details on the conference, including registration and the on site and live streamed agenda, please visit: 


How AI is Applied to Make Teams Meetings Headache-Free

"You didn't hear that?  You're kidding me!"  A colleague exclaimed incredulously during a one-on-one meeting just yesterday.  His work-from-home address overlooks a busy intersection in a bustling community.  In years past, it was not uncommon to hear sirens, horns, or other outside noise, along with colorful commentary of what my colleague just witnessed (I keep telling him he could make a fortune with a camera and a tik tok account).  While sometimes providing levity during informal meetings, these occurrences would send him scrambling to hit the mute button, or apologizing for the disruption during customer or partner meetings. 

Fortunately, these disruptions are minimized, thanks to Microsoft's use of AI and machine learning to improve the audio and video quality of Teams meetings - and I still get to get the occassional funny story.


SMS 10DLC update

Back in March, I posted an article about 10DLC, the new registration mandate for SMS messaging. (see: 10 DLC and short codes: controlling the megaphone).

 In that post, I explored the different options that a business has to reach customers and prospective customers via text, or “SMS” in an A2P (application to phone) manner. Short codes, long codes and TFN (Toll Free Number) services were discussed in the post and the differences were highlighted. The overall theme was that the mobile phone carriers want to know more about WHO is sending WHAT kind bulk messaging to their subscribers. It’s a good thing; I mean, who really wants texts about their auto warranty expiration every day?

 In response to SMS abuse, 10DLC was created as an alternative to the largely unsupervised ‘Long Codes’ (a Long Code is just a standard local text telephone number … like 212.234.1233). Prior to 10DLC, you could obtain these Long Code numbers cheaply, obtain many of them, and blast away. 10DLC changes all of this. And if you’re in possession of some Long Codes, now’s the time to get them registered for 10DLC.

 Although deadlines to register long codes for 10DLC have pushed several times during the pandemic, a hard date of September 30, 2021 has been established for all long codes to be transferred. The good news, is that registering a long code can decrease carrier filtering by up to 90% (providing you remain in good standing, and you’re sending compliant messages that customers want). Missing the deadline could mean heavy filtering by carriers, increased per-message fees and message delivery failures.


To register for 10DLC, you need to initiate the registration by providing the following information to your SMS provider:

  • Employer identification number (EIN)
  • Two contacts
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number


In addition to the above information, there may be questions as to the ‘use case’ for a given 10DLC number (what kind of traffic, about what, to who, etc).  Once you’re registered, you can begin to enjoy largely un-filtered, prompt SMS message sends (providing you don’t try to extend everyone’s auto warranty).


For more information on 10DLC and the SMS A2P landscape, check out this link from Twilio about 10DLC, or feel free to contact us at



Court Notifications Best Practices

In a previous post, I discussed the importance and value of providing outbound court notifications.  Today we'll take a look at some best practices for sending effective outbound notifications.

Notification Content

There are multiple posts and sources, including the link below, which cite that reminding people of court dates, when combined with other messages regarding the consequences of FTA (failure to appear), is more effective than just sending date, time and location notifications. 

In addition, notifications are being customized with remote appearance instructions (number to call along with PIN, or video link information) or Covid-related instructions, such as "if you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or have tested positive in the last 10 days, please call the court."     

Frequency and Quantity of Messages

Depending on the type of event, consider sending multiple notifications leading up to the event date and time.  In the example of an upcoming hearing, an initial notification might be sent two weeks before the hearing date, followed by additional reminders one week, one day and two hours prior to the scheduled time.  It can also be beneficial to send notifications after events for FTA or past due payments.

Notification Methods

It can be useful to provide notifications in multiple ways, and if sending multiple notifications for a single event, it might be good to combine different types of notifications, such as post cards, emails, automated calls and text messages.  

The New York City Criminal Justice Agency has provided a comprehensive publication that shares summary data from multiple studies, and delves deeper into best practices, including data collection, messaging templates, when to send notifications, how to evaluate the success of your program and more.